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Thinklogical Q4300 System

Thinklogical Q4300 System


A fibre transmission system capable of transmitting uncompressed video, audio and control signals simultaneously down one or more multimode fibre cores. Video signal connection is via Dual Link DVI, audio is via Phoenix (analogue) and Ethernet is via RJ45. As standard, the Q4300 system is capable of passing signals up to 10.2Gbit/s at standard VESA resolutions.

Both transmitter and receiver units have external power supplies, connected via screwlock connectors. Fibre connection is via Neutrik Opticalcon Quad connector to allow maximum signal bandwidth via multiple fibre cores.

The systems come rack mounted in pairs and consist of the 2 rack mounted Tx units, a common PSU for the Tx units and a storage space which holds the 2 Rx units, 2 PSU’s and associated cables. At the rear of the rack, the Tx connectors are exposed along with the power connectors used to drive our blue hybrid fibre systems. These consist of a CeeForm 32A and 16A connector for connection to venue power distribution and the Neutrik Powercon /Neutrik Powercon True 1 connectors for direct connection to the blue hybrid fibre cables.

  • Brompton
  • NEC
  • Christie
  • Barco
  • Panasonic
  • Sony Icon
  • Dell
  • Iiyama