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Schill Fibre Reels

Schill Fibre Reels


A to V’s primary singlemode fibre solution. This consists of a 4 core OS2 (9um/125um) singlemode military tactical fibre wrapped in aramid fibre and Kevlar, and finally over-sheathed in a flexible black PVCU jacket.

The cables are wound on heavy duty Schill reels which each carry 300m of fibre. The cable free end is terminated in a male Neutrik Opticalcon Quad connector and the tethered end is terminated on a panel located on the hub of the cable reel. Female Neutrik Opticalcon Quad and Female Neutrik Opticalcon Duo connectors are available on the reel hub panel and can be patched according to technical requirements by simply opening the reel hub panel itself and plugging the fibre cores into the relevant connectors. Cable runs longer than 300m are possible by simply patching the “Quad” connector on the panel hub and plugging in another cable. In this manner cable runs of several kilometres are achievable!

Heavy duty fibre patch cables are available utilising the same fibre in 10m, 20m and 30m lengths. These are terminated at each end with Neutrik Opticalcon Duo connectors. When combined with our Neutrik break out boxes, these facilitate connection to various singlemode fibre extender systems including those by CSI, BMD and Lightware, and can carry multiple signals per cable.

These cables are optimised for use with our Lightware “Modex” signal extender systems, which offer DVI/HDMI/Display Port video capabilities, Analogue and Digital Audio signal extension and full Ethernet extension (for control) of an attached display device and/or source.


  • Key feature: 300m, Singlemode
  • Brompton
  • NEC
  • Christie
  • Barco
  • Panasonic
  • Sony Icon
  • Dell
  • Iiyama