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Hybrid (Blue) Fibre

Hybrid (Blue) Fibre


A to V’s premium custom made hybrid copper/fibre solution, designed to be the only cable needed to completely connect any signal source and/or display. This consists of a central 4 core OM4 multimode (50um/125um) military tactical fibre wrapped with multiple PVC sheathed tri-rated copper wires which form 2 separate power circuits rated at 12A and 20A respectively.  All of this is then sheathed in a flexible blue PVCU jacket.

The cables come in 20m, 50m, 100m and 150m lengths and are terminated with Neutrik Opticalcon Quad connectors for the fibre and Neutrik Powercon True1 and regular Neutrik Powercon connectors for the copper circuits.  The 100m and 150m lengths come in individual wheeled flightcases.

Extenders/breakout boxes are available to facilitate connection to various sender systems and to allow cable runs longer than 150m where appropriate (voltage drop permitting).

These cables are optimised for use with our Thinklogical “Q4300” signal extender systems which offer uncompressed Dual link DVI/Single link DVI/HDMI video capabilities, Analogue and Digital Audio signal extension and full Ethernet extension (for control) of an attached display device and/or source.


  • Inputs: DVI, Ethernet
  • Outputs: DVI, Ethernet
  • Brompton
  • NEC
  • Christie
  • Barco
  • Panasonic
  • Sony Icon
  • Dell
  • Iiyama