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Christie Boxer 4K30

Christie Boxer 4K30


Christie Boxer 4K30 is a 30,000 lumen, 4K resolution, 3DLP projector designed for high impact live events. With intelligent design and feedback, Christie Boxer 4K30 is the most profit-focused professional projector in the market that will help you deliver an unprecedented user experience time and again. The Boxer 4K30 ensures a low cost of ownership, increases your return on investment, and future proofs your fleet – in the smallest, smartest and most efficient 30K projector available.

Featuring six-lamp Mercury illumination, the Christie Boxer 4K30 provides 1,500 hours of lamp-life to 70% brightness. With the added benefits of single-phase power, built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional installation options, a full-range of connectivity and Christie TruLife electronics, the Christie Boxer 4K30 packs a punch in creating powerful and inspiring visual experiences.

Stock lenses available for the Christie Boxer Series

  • Lens 1.13 - 1.31:1 Zoom
  • Lens 1.31 - 1.63:1 Zoom
  • Lens 1.63 - 2.17:1 Zoom
  • Lens 2.17 - 3.89:1 Zoom


  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160
  • Ratio: 1.89:1
  • Brightness: 30,000
  • Key feature: 4K
  • Brompton
  • NEC
  • Christie
  • Barco
  • Panasonic
  • Sony Icon
  • Dell
  • Iiyama